Release of “Pathivugal III”

The release of our quarter report - Pathivugal was held in the "Claret Arunothaym"- VAROD Girls Center DAY on the 24th of October, 2011. The first copy of "Pathivugal III" was handed over to His Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr. Rayappu Joseph, the Bishop of the diocese of Manner. "Pathivugal" is a booklet which brings out … Continue reading "Release of “Pathivugal III”"

Claretians take further steps to serve in Kilinochchi

The Foundation stone for the new structure at Murikandi was laid today, ensuring the spread of Social work of Claretians. The structure is being put with the support of Manos Unidas. It would further help the persons to be present at the Center, and to render valuable service to the people in special need. Photo … Continue reading "Claretians take further steps to serve in Kilinochchi"

Celebrating the Joy of Thai Pongal- 2012

VAROD Centers boiled the rice and shared the joy with each others on the 15th of January 2011. The three centers of VAROD boiled the pot in their respective centers and brought them to the VAROD life Rehabilitation Center to share with all. The People from the nearby Place Sivapuram had their normal Sunday Mass … Continue reading "Celebrating the Joy of Thai Pongal- 2012"

The Differently Abled youth in “Inayum Karangal” programme in Batticaloa

The youth with disabilities were taken to Batticaloa for   two days programme. The programme included Exposure, Experience and Inputs. On the 28th evening the youth from different places gathered at VAROD Life Rehabilitation Center and there was good interaction between them. The following day morning 5 am the 43 youth denatured to Batticaloa via Polonaruwa. … Continue reading "The Differently Abled youth in “Inayum Karangal” programme in Batticaloa"

The Out-reach unit of the Claretians in Murikandy is opened

On the 13th of Feb, 2012 the building for the our-reach work for the people with disabilities was opened at Murikandy by Rev. Fr. Mathew Vatamattam CMF- the General Prefect of Formation of the Claretians. Rev. Fr. Stefan Wolf CMF- The Claretian Provincial of the Province of Germany blessed the building. The Center would function … Continue reading "The Out-reach unit of the Claretians in Murikandy is opened"

Feast of VAROD Boys Center & VAROD Staff

The June 16th was marked with the two important days. The Whole VAROD staff had gathered at the newly opened Boys center “Amalamarial Videvelly” with enthusiasm. All the children form Boys’ & Girls’ centers had a great time. Every year, the Feast of Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Mary has been celebrated as the Staff’ … Continue reading "Feast of VAROD Boys Center & VAROD Staff"

Children with disabilities shinning with their aesthetic abilities

V SEA: VAROD Aesthetic Fiesta 2013 The VAROD Aesthetic completion among the children and persons with different disabilities was celebrated on the 24th to 26th of May at VAROD, Pambaimadhu. The theme of the VAROD Sports “Ondritha Vaalvil vendridume matratal” ( meaning the victory of the persons with disability in the unity). The 24th evening … Continue reading "Children with disabilities shinning with their aesthetic abilities"

SCP Mid evaluation for the Parents & the Children

The evaluation of the VAROD Sponsor A Child Programme would be held from 16th to 17th of August at VAROD. The VAROD SCP Programme has been empowered 62 children through this programme. We are grateful to all the sponsoring parents from different parts of the world. Photo Gallery

CRC Conference 2013: A Empowering Body of the PWDs

The leaders of CBR Groups which is known as CRC group would come together to discuss the empowerment of the PWDs. The CRC group consists of persons with disabilities (PWDs) between 12 to 16 members. The teams of PWDs are built into team to stand for the PWDs for various reasons and empowerment.

Certificate awarding ceremony for the students excelled in Microsoft Office

The Students, who had begun their Microsoft Office training at the VAROD Life Rehabilitation Center, are to be encouraged with certification of authentication of the successful completion of the training. They would face an examination conducted in collaboration with the "Daisy A.E.T. College", a well-recognized organization