Disability affects the quality of life. It limits access to individual development, and ideas to economic and social exclusion.

The situations of the Persons With Disability ( PWD ) in Kilinochchi, Mulaitive and Vvuniya districts due to the conflict that has crippled the life in the entire North and East of Sri Lanka.

Our target groups are the ‘Persons With Disability’ (PWD) from conflict areas. Large number of them has multiple disabilities; the sight impaired, the speech impaired, amputees, and other severely affected persons mainly due to the 25 years long war. VAROD, therefore, stepped forward to ameliorate their medical, economic and social rehabilitation under the Community based Rehabilitation.

Mission with a Vision

The empowerment of the differently abled persons of Kilinochchi, Mulaithievu and Vavuniya districs, Through a wide range of specially arranged and designed educational, medical and economical programs. To participate, enjoy and realize equally in cultural and social spheres without any hindrance

And to achieve equal and integrated living and economical independence Thereby live their full potentials.

The Objectives of VAROD

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