Basic Computer training awarding for the students with disabilities

On the 28th of May, 2011, ten students with different disabilities were awarded with certificate for finishing the training on Microsoft Office. One of the important tasks of VAROD is to enable the People with disabilities to enable them with different skills. One of such programme is this computer training class. The computer software training is undertaken with the collaboration of a recognized computer training center – “Daisy A.E.T. College”. During the awarding of the certificates, Rev. Fr. Albert J. Arulraja CMF congratulated the students, and encouraged them to go forward in the filed further.

Among the ten who have finished the basic training, two of them have made remarkable impact on the trainers, as they are sight impaired. Mr. Velu Vijeyaseelan is training the students with disabilities, at the VAORD Life Rehabilitation Center. Altogether, there are 47 students who have been undergoing this course. 18 of them are preparing themselves to sit on the examination in the coming month. The three months Microsoft Office training is designed as four hours per week.