VAORD, keeping with the vision, commits itself for the rehabilitation of the Differently abled to empower them. Thus, VAROD is implementing different programmes, according to the time and situation to give possible supports to the “Persons With Disabilities” (PWDs). Our primary commitment and wish is that the differently abled persons should be empowered based on community/society. VAROD has been trying its best to enable them to see a new vision in their lives. Thus these are our programme for the differently abled persons:

Social integration programme for the Differently abled persons at different levels
Empowering them to organizing their lives
Livelihood support
Support for medical screening, treatments, follow ups and medicines.
Patient care & physiotherapy
Educational helps for the Differently abled children
Making them to attain necessary mobility devices
Relief from Total dependency
Awareness programme

The differently abled child or the child of the differently abled parent is supported by a benefactor or a group of benefactors to improve the education or medical side of the sponsored child.

There are families finding difficult to improve their live situations due to the disability of the main bread winner of the family. There are families having more disables at the same house. One of these families is sponsored by a benefactor or group of benefactors.

The Two centers, VAROD Boys’ Center and the VAROD Girls’ Center, both have the mentally and physically challenged children and adults. They are empowered with different activities at the center.

Education at Special School
Normal school
Vocational training
Daily habbits skills
Motor skills
Braille and abacus training
Computer training for physically challenged and sight impaired
Language classes
Job opportunities
Medical and health care

VAROD LIFE is a rehabilitation center for the physically challenged patients and their family members.
Here the differently abled persons with their family and some as individuals are provided shelter, food and other basic facilities. Adding to it these following rehabilitation programmes are implemented.

Medical rehabilitation
Vocational training
Mechanical training
Computer classes and courses
Hand Phone repairing
Aluminum fittings
Motor mechanic
Job Opportunity
Educational programs
Regular Schooling
Catch-up Classes.
Out side classes
Psychosocial rehabilitation & social integration
Group counseling
Cultural events
Job opportunities
The necessary support for integration with the society

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