How we serve


Together we make a change

VANNI REHABILITATION ORGANISATION FOR THE DIFFERENTLY ABLED, known as VAROD is a charitable and non-profitable organization, which was established by the Claretian Missionaries, in order to support the displaced and affected victims during the last civil war. Serving the timely needed at that time started from Vavuniya and Manikfarm, which latterly extended to Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu and Vavuniya considering the needs of the marginalised communities.

VAROD, being inaugurated by the Claretian Missionaries, got registered in 2009 through Sri Lankan Ministry of Social Service, Section 20 of the protection of Rights of the person with disabilities under Act No.28 of 1996 and also under the Department of Christian Religious Affairs.

VAROD’s Community Development activities around Kilinochci, Mullaitivu and Vavuniya districts are based on the two major elements describable as Community and Institutional Based Rehabilitation, in through which the lives of numerous Persons with disabilities got enhanced and still being enriched holistically since 2009, towards sustainable financial, medical, educational, livelihood and other community development activities as timely needed. 

Mission with a Vision

VAROD visualizes the empowerment of the differently abled, through a wide range of specially arranged and designed educational, medical and economic empowerment programmes to participate, enjoy and realize equally in cultural and social spheres without any hindrance and to achieve equal and integrated living and economic independence and thereby lives n full potential’’

Community Based Activities

Conducted specifically for the vulnerable persons with disabilities and their families from marginalised Societies.

Medical Empowerment

Providing healthcare, rehabilitation, and accessibility aids to support the well-being of disabled individuals.

Educational empowerment

Offering specialized educational programs and resources for inclusive learning and skill development.

Livelihood Empowerment

VAROD empowers marginalized families through sustainable livelihood programs like farming and animal husbandry.

Psychosocial/Intellectual empowerment

Supporting emotional well-being through counseling, group therapy, and social activities.

Family Enrichment programmes

Strengthening families through support groups, training, and community-building events.

Disability Prevention programmes

Implementing programs to reduce disability risks through awareness, early intervention, and safety measures.

1. Medical Empowerment

  • Monthly Medical Allowances for clinical transportations, hygiene materials,  nutritional supplements
  • Physiotherapy treatments
  • Provision of assistive/Mobility devices/ artificial limbs
  • Free medical campaigns
  • Physiotherapy treatment through VAROD’s Post traumatic Unit


VAROD’s medical assistance for the beneficiaries, support them to reduce their various challenges such as;

  • Attending their regular clinical follow ups where they lack for transportation facility
  • Holding Mulnutritional based challenges
  • Reducing being dependent on others
  • Minimize impairment issues and increase chronicle impairments with regular physiotherapy treatment
  • Support for the consumption of hygiene materials, etc.

2. Educational empowerment

Even tough, the students in Sri Lanka are gifted with free education, still other expenses for the Uniforms, shoes, stationeries, exam fees, periodic payments and the payments for the extra classes are being a challenge for the students especially from the Disabled families. Considering these same, VAROD holds totally free    educational programmes such as;
  • Sponsor a child Programme (SCP)
  • Claret Kinder garden Preschool Programme
  • Evening Catch up classes
  • Sponsor a University student programme

The above mentioned educational supports of VAROD to the disabled families impact tremendously on schooling students. In Sri Lankan’s educational system, the students who study in high standard and facilitated schools in the cities and the children who struggle to study in the rural villages with the minimum facilities have to sit for the common exam paper issued to all schools as same.  At this juncture VAROD’s educational supports to the disabled children, children under poverty and the children from the families that consist disables, assist the children to acquire adequate external learning facilities.

3. Livelihood Empowerment

Most of the families from this marginalized society are under poverty. They either attend daily labour works or not involved in any livelihood activities. Their income are inadequate to take care of their food, education of the children, medical and other essential needs.

VAROD assisting the persons with disables directly and their families indirectly are an attempt to go beyond the approaches to poverty eradication.

In the concept towards Sustainable Livelihood, VAROD encourages with back yard poultry, agro farming, cash crops cultivation (ground nuts, green grams, black grams), and goat rearing etc.

4. Life Skill Education

‘The Families are the building blocks of the societies’

The objective of VAROD’s psychosocial programmes for parents and children, mainly focus

  • on making the students to concentrate on their education,
  • to avoid social violence,
  • to create opportunities to express their own talents,
  • to heal the psychological wounds,
  • to provide value education
  • to create family bonding among children and parents.

5. Disability Prevention Programme

Awareness Programmes are being conducted specially;

  • On Sri Lankan Motor Traffic rules
  • On early and close blood relative marriage
  • On prenatal (before birth) and postpartum (after birth) healthcare awareness for expectant mothers
  • On nutritional awareness and diet quality
  • On chronicle deceases