VISIT by former S.C. Judge and chief minister, c.v. vigneswaran: 11th Aug, 2019

C.V. Vigneswaran at Claret VT Unit, at Girls center

His visit made the eve a plesant moment at VAROD premise. His appreciation for the Catholic Church was impelled by the service at VAROD. Thaimady accompanied all the participants to have the pleasant short eve.

VISIT of Volunteers from SPAIN: 11th of Feb to 11th of March, 2019

Edu and Miguel when they had visited a temple

The Visit of two MBBS medical students as the volunteers an our centers in VAROD is a pleasant experience for both the children and the volunteers in these days. VAROD gratefully thanks for the contribution of  Mr. Edu (Edward) and Mr. Miguel ( Micheal).

Thanks to the Claretians from Spain for organizing thier visit by encouraging their presence in VAROD.

Visit of Rev. Fr. Provincial to VAROD: 11- 13, 2010 October

“Really it is a marvelous job done by the Claretians in Srilanka” said Rev. Fr. Stefan Wolf CMF who made his first visit after being elected as the Provincial of the German Province.

As he was visiting the Claretian communities in Srilanka, he made it a point to spend 12th and 13th of October with VAROD. He was really impressed by the service rendered to the differently abled persons at VAROD centers.� On his visit he spent time with the boys and girls at the Centers. On his conversation with the VAROD staff he appreciated them for their commitment and promised to do the best he can.

On the 13 evening, at VAROD life a small cultural programme was organized in view of the visitation of Fr. Provincial. It is notable that the VAROD LIFE programmes are supported by Claretian German Province till this moment. Breaking the language barrier, he made a remark, “I do not understand your language and you don’t understand mine. I do not speak not to mind, but we speak heart to heart language.”

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