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‘Never ignore anyone with disability; because they inspire us in any way’ As per to religious saying ‘the value of life is based on how

VAROD gives its staff a chance each year to evaluate their workforce and an annual review process on shifting opinions through performance reviews based on

VAROD believes that remembering the persons with disables on this day would be an awareness towards enhancing their own capacities and supports them in setting

VAROD’s participation with its limited beneficiaries in celebrating the International Disabled day in collaboration with the Divisional Secretariat Vavuniya on the 3rd of December 2021,

Empowerment involves investing in people through health, education, livelihood and social protection. When people are empowered they are better prepared to take advantage of opportunities,

Even though VAROD serves the differently abled persons and working for almost 11 years to empower, uplift and develop their lives, it too did not

Assistive devices, which are adapted to assist differently abled persons, were provided on the 3rd of July 2020. 15 beneficiaries from Kannaatti, Ganesapuram, Suduventhapulavu, Sobala

A day long outing was an exposure trip for the psychosocial wellbeing of VAROD’s inmates. It was a short journey from Vavuniya to Mannar, where


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