VAROD gives its staff a chance each year to evaluate their workforce and an annual review process on shifting opinions through performance reviews based on the activities apprehended throughout 2021. Accordingly, an evaluation and year planning for 2022 was held on 15th and 16th of December 2021, where the programme was headed by the Executive … Continue reading “YEAR END EVALUATION AND 2022 YEAR PLANNING”

Even though VAROD serves the differently abled persons and working for almost 11 years to empower, uplift and develop their lives, it too did not fail to consider the children from vulnerable and marginalized societies around Northern Sri Lanka, as VAROD, always believes that Childhood and adolescence are critical periods for the stages of psychosocial development. Accordingly, Clasika – the Psychosocial Programme, for the children of VAROD’s catch up classes around Mullaitivu District, was held on the 27th of February 2021, where the programme was mainly based on Management, to make children to be focused on listening, concentrating and thereby to act when making decisions. The Resources persons, Mr. Antony and Mr. Thirumaal presided the programme with various group tasks inclusively with exercises, where the evaluation of the programme too was apprehended. The feed backs from the children were mostly with tears.


A day long outing was an exposure trip for the psychosocial wellbeing of VAROD’s inmates. It was a short journey from Vavuniya to Mannar, where VAROD’s residential staff were in charge with Rev Brothers at VAROD, volunteering in timely needed situations.  This trip temporarily disconnected our beneficiaries from their normal routine, where the expected outcome … Continue reading “TRAVEL WITH NO REGRETS – A TRIP TO MANNAR”


Development of young children encompasses their survival and good health. It also involves their cognitive, emotional, ethical and social growth.  What the child experiences from birth onward influences the society of the future. On this concept VAROD, in collaboration with Ms. Linda Rose, the child psychologist from United Kingdom, conducted an empowering programme on the … Continue reading “PAYING ATTENTION TO THE BEGINNING OF THE STORY, WILL CHANGE THE WHOLE STORY. . .”

“COME – LET’s STARVE THE PROBLEMS” Workshop By Dr. A. Puvanenthiran

A counselling work shop was held at VAROD Thaimady, on the 21st of January 2020. Rev Fr. Vincent De Paul Croos CMF the Executive Director, the Assistant Director Rev Fr. S. Jeganathan CMF, Mr Kenedy the probation officer at Divisional Secretariat, staff from OFERR, INTHU ANPAHAM, ARUPPE CHILDREN’S HOME, AKILANDESWARY ARULAHAM, THEVA ANPU SIRUVAR ILLAM … Continue reading ““COME – LET’s STARVE THE PROBLEMS” Workshop By Dr. A. Puvanenthiran”


Srilankans with some other countries unite in January to celebrate Tamil Thai Pongal festival which is annually celebrated for various reasons. Thanking the Sun God and farmers’ gratitude towards the farm animals are to be the main reasons for the celebration. Celebration of the Pongal day at VAROD was taken place on the 15th of January … Continue reading ““PONGAL – THE BOUNTEOUS OCCASION AT VAROD ””

Livelihood support by Pforzheim- Shree Nagapoosani Amman- VAROD Friends, Germany

Four Persons with disability (PWDs) were helped by Tamil Families from Pforzheim, Germany for economic development. The event took place in “Claret Shiloam” Kilinochchi. the CRC leaders from the group of the beneficiaries had participated in the programme. Each was helped with LKR 65,000.00. The four beneficiaries are very severely affected families due to their … Continue reading “Livelihood support by Pforzheim- Shree Nagapoosani Amman- VAROD Friends, Germany”

Oct 24th: Staff Awarding Ceremony & “Claret Arunothaym”- VAROD Girls Center Day

October 24th is an important Day for the Claretians as it is the Feast Day of St. Anthony Mary Claret (1807-1870), the founder of the Claretian Congregation. This day was marked with few important events at VAROD. The 24th Morning all the staff who had attended different trainings were awarded. In the evening, the “Claret … Continue reading “Oct 24th: Staff Awarding Ceremony & “Claret Arunothaym”- VAROD Girls Center Day”

SCP Mid evaluation for the Parents & the Children

The evaluation of the VAROD Sponsor A Child Programme would be held from 16th to 17th of August at VAROD. The VAROD SCP Programme has been empowered 62 children through this programme. We are grateful to all the sponsoring parents from different parts of the world. Photo Gallery

The CRC Leaders at VAROD

The training programmes of the CRC leaders were held on three weekends. 22nd to 23rd June, the CRC leaders from Vavuniya were gathered. From 06th to 07th July, the CRC leaders from Mullaittivu gathered. The leaders from Kilinochchi came together on from 13th to 14th July. The purpose of the three gatherings as district vise … Continue reading “The CRC Leaders at VAROD”

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