Dr. Soosai, the well-wisher of VAROD, as well as the child neurologist from Norway had a clear interest in visiting the beneficiaries of VAROD and spending his vacation mostly with special help needed individuals. Thus, a site visit was organized on the 31st of July 2019 with CBR workers. Moreover, this site visit had been arranged in recognition of Varod’s objectives and responsibilities.

Dr. Soosai and a team of CBR staff headed to the beneficiaries’ places. Dr. Soosai consulted each and every beneficiary personally, as well as knowing about each beneficiaries’ birth history. And few suggestions were also forwarded for the wellbeing of the beneficiaries.

  • Gastrostomy surgery was suggested by Dr Soosai, for beneficiaries who takes long hours for meal consumption
  • He recommends for needed equipment to be supplied in the nearer future.
  • He advised for Handrails and tramps where particular beneficiaries may get used of them.
  • Some more beneficiaries, who lost their sensorial balancing, were suggested for helmets and boots from Mankulam, where particular things are made only for differently-abled individuals.   
  • He also suggested some beneficiaries for a compulsory  physiotherapy training, which they can acquire staying at Varod Life for few months

Dr. Soosai and a team of CBR had a meeting with CRC village  groups in Easwarypuram, Vavuniya. The meeting started with a small prayer. As additions to the meeting, CRC groups thanked VAROD for their continuous support and guidance rendered so far.  Each beneficiary were referred  by Dr Soosai personally and helpful suggestions were provided.