Children with disabilities shinning with their aesthetic abilities

V SEA: VAROD Aesthetic Fiesta 2013

The VAROD Aesthetic completion among the children and persons with different disabilities was celebrated on the 24th to 26th of May at VAROD, Pambaimadhu. The theme of the VAROD Sports “Ondritha Vaalvil vendridume matratal” ( meaning the victory of the persons with disability in the unity).

The 24th evening was coloured with 07 selected thalalayams from the three districts. The performance by the children with disabilities was appreciated by the judges and they were amazed at the mode of competition. “Thalalayam” is a local & traditional skit which is very unusual in the stage performance especially after 2009.

On the second day the competitions like speech, singing, poem telling were had in the morning and then the writing competitions like poems, essay, short story & art were held.

The children stayed till Sunday 3.00pm. The day was spent with psycho-social and spiritual programmes. The themes targeted on personality, life orientation, and effective study ways and with the expressive skits.

District vise the selection for the final day was held from the beginning of this month.  The person with disabilities in kilinochchi came together for the district level competitions on the 05th of May; and on the 06th the PWDS for Mullaittivu, in Mallavi and on the 12th the PWDs from Vavuniya & VAROD (3) Centers.

In the month of August, the VAROD sports and Exhibition is scheduled to be held.

Let us provide opportunity to bring out the valuable talents of the persons with disabilities.

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