“The International Day for the Differently Abled Persons” 2011

3rd of December is commemorated as the Day for the Persons with disabilities (PWDs). The day is being remembered as the “Disables’ Day” and now being known as “the Differently-Abled Persons’ Day”. The persons with disabilities are persons with dignity, aspirations, rights, dreams and all what a person without disability has. The day asks each individual to make the place better for each human being, including the differently abled ones.

 The Message for the Day from VAROD:

“Dearly beloved Brothers & Sisters!

Greetings of Life to Each and every one of you.

‘In everything, do to others as you would have them do to you; for this is the law and the prophets.’ (Mt 7:12)

The human being is a magnificent creation. Each human functions and each organ are precious ones. The fact that we are persons with disabilities, do denote that we have lost something precious, but not our dignity. We sincerely remember all the people with differently disabled who have shown the world, the face of PWDs with hope, confidence, perseverance and achievements. As an Organization we thank each individual, organization, and especially you for all your involvement in the empowerment of the persons with disabilities physically, psychologically, socially, ecconomically and culturally.”

By: Rev. Fr. Alfred J Arulraja CMF, The Executive Director

In commemoration of the Day, different programmes were carried out in different places in Vanni. On the 2nd of December, the “Special Need Sub-Committee” of NGO Consortium, Vavuniya District had arranged a special programme in the district of Vavuniya. With the direction by the staff of the member organizations, the persons with disabilities approached the Government & non Government service providing organizations in order to ring the awareness in the society; the PWDs expressed their difficulties and the negative view of the society and further they placed their expectations too. There was a positive response for all the sectors. VAROD is one of the member organizations.

Further there had been many cultural functions held at differently level. Different Government and Non Government sectors had organized them. 2nd of December, the PWDs gathered at the Urban Council in Vavuniya by “Special Need Sub-Committee” of NGO Consortium, Vavuniya District. On 3rd the PWDs had their cultural programme at the Mallavi AGA office while the PWDs had another programme in Ottisuttam AGA Office. Pooagary AGA office held the function on the 1st of October together with the World Elders’ day, and the day was commemorated at the Palai AGA office on the 17th of November. Further the PWDs would make some more awareness programmes in the coming days too. Kandawalai and Karachi in Kilinochchi will gather the PWDs in their respective places in the coming week. Karaithuraipatru in Mullaithivu has organized its programmes on the 15th of December.

There is many volunteer CBR staff engaged in making the day more meaningful for the PWDs by empowering the PWDs to raise their feelings and aspirations through the language of cultural arts.

The day is meaningful as far as the human communities realize the need to respect the dignity of the People with disabilities.