Transforming Lives of Differently-Abled Individuals in Northern Province

VAROD continues to provide life and livelihood support to differently-abled victims in Northern Province; Thanks for VAROD-CANADA

Differently abled persons are those, who have impairments that produce functional limitations, restrictions in one’s life activities. They are mostly seen, as being controlled in performing their day to day activities because of pertaining to the individuals and society.

Varod, as mostly known as for empowerment, gives priority to get livelihood support systems which lead to sustain better lives and to fulfill fundamental needs.

Varod, actively peruses a package of livelihood and enterprises the development in differently abled victims’ lives through agriculture, home gardening with seasonal seeds, local retail shops, honey collecting (bee keeping), mixture and gram packing, fishery supports, preparing chili powder, cattle stock assistance and poultry.

Beneficiaries are grouped under CRC leaders and assisted through workshops and trainings in order to support for livelihood. Monitoring is done in various levels. The Field staff of Varod visit the field with the CBR workers to assure the ongoing processes and to support them in their challenges. The project coordinator visits different areas once a week. An admin Team and the financial staff, periodically visit the beneficiaries and forward their written reports.



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