VAROD at the Northern Province Exhibition, Kaithadi, Jaffna

VAROD took part in the exhibition held in the Northern Province level at Kaithadi, Jaffna. The Exhibition was organized for three days from 08th, 09th & 10th of October, 2011.

VAROD received the invitation through the Social Service Department to take part in displaying the VAROD Handicrafts. VAROD was able to make an impact on the viewers about the abilities of the differently abled persons. We had displayed the coir-weaving (paw-piece, Key holders, & table mat) works of the sight impaired boys, the sewing & flower (pillow-case, flowers, flower pots, wall hangers, baby-cloths…) , works of the mentally challenged girls, the aluminum fitting (Bathroom-set & Frames) items by the physically challenged persons.

Every day evening from 3pm to 6pm, there was cultural programs. On the second day, VAROD staged a drama “MEEMDUM VAZHVOM” (Let us live again). All the actors were PWDS who are mostly from the Kilinochchi District. Through the drama they brought the reality how the PWDS are formed, how they are looked by the society and the ambition of the PWDS.

Through the invitation of the District Child Care & Probation Office, Vavuniya, eight of our children from the centers had contributed their artistic works to be displayed at the Exhibition.The event was a good opportunity to PWDs to expose their talents and to establish their identity.

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