A Person With Disabilities (PWDs) seeks your help

A person who is paralyzed had to undergo a major operation for which he had to pay an amount which he cannot afford for. He seeks the kind support of the people of good heart.

He is paralyzed below the waste and moves about in the wheelchair. The person is being helped through the VAROD life Rehabilitation programme for his day today medical and daily needs. As he had pain in his stomach and suffered periodically, he went for a screening in Western Infirmary hospital, Colombo. But the traveling had made the problem worse, and he had to under the operation. The Operation was done at Nawaloka Hospital, Colombo. Being unable to get any financial support, he has taken Rs. 300,000.00 loan.
He had to spend Rs. 220,750.00 for the screening and operation while the rest was spent for his lodging, transportations and food in these days.
As he requested his name is avoided. If anyone wishes to help him, you are most welcomed to contact us through our id varodserve@gmail.com any other means. The mode of helping could be adjusted at the moment according the well-wishers. 1000s of peope are in need; lets begin one by one.

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