VAROD Girls Rehabilitation center towards Pambaimadhu

AT present the VAROD Girls Center is based in a rented piece of land at Nellukulam where VAROD began to rehabilitate differently abled boys and girls, having the main office and the CBR base in the same compound. Eventually, one by one main Office, differently abled boys and CBR was separated as a result of growth in the service and for practical reasons.

Now, the ground works to move the VAROD Girls center is being carried out with temporary structures. It would be place where nearly 75 girls could be accommodated with the proper care and programme. Till now there had been 58 inmates at the girls’ center. 19 of them are either resettled or rejoined with their family members. Now there are 34 inmates at Nellukulam.

It is notable that the VAROD main office and the VAROD life Rehabilitation Center are situated next to this Girls center premise.

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