Celebrating the Joy of Thai Pongal- 2012

VAROD Centers boiled the rice and shared the joy with each others on the 15th of January 2012.

The three centers of VAROD boiled the pot in their respective centers and brought them to the VAROD life Rehabilitation Center to share with all. The People from the nearby Place Sivapuram had their normal Sunday Mass at the Center with the people at VAROD. The Pongal Mass was celebrated by Fr. Albert J Arulraja CMF. All shared the joy.

The day on which we remember the nature and the creator of the nature for enabling us to produce the harvest, we too wish all the well-wishers and the heart of good-will, that the blessings of the accompanying God in each of your and our toiling. The sweat is not in vain as it is a sign of love for our neighbor.

We wish you all a happy Thaipongal!

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