Cheers to a new decade 2020!

2019 was quite a turbulent year with challenges and surprises in spades. For some, it might have been a fruitful year while for others it was definitely the one of hardship.

At this juncture, VAROD decided to felicitate and welcome its staff on this new year 2020 in order to avoid the frustrations through the past year 2019.

Thus this was eventually apprehended on their first working day the 6th of January 2010 at 08.45 am. The event began with the flag hoisting ceremony at VAROD’s premises and the entire VAROD came together to cherish the spirit of servicing that will engulf the motive of the institution. The national flag was hoisted by Rev Sr. Nicholas HF while the flag of the organization was hoisted by its Executive Director Rev Fr. Vincent De Paul Croos CMF. The flag of the Claretian Missionary Foundation was hoisted by Rev Fr. S. Jeganathan CMF, the Superior of CLARET NEYAHAM and the Assistant Director of VAROD. 

The Executive Director Rev Fr. Vincent De Paul Croos CMF conveyed a minute talk and the staff of VAROD was greeted and welcomed with a flower handed individually. Continuously an Eucharist mass was offered at VAROD’s chapel in order to thank God for the many blessings showered throughout the year 2019 as well as seeking blessing for the deeds to be done throughout the New Year 2020.

An orientation talk to VAROD’s staff on MANAGEMENT was delivered in a nutshell by Rev Fr. Paul Natchathiram OMI and a spiritual talk was delivered by the Executive Director of VAROD Rev Fr. Vincent De Paul Croos CMF. Laughing therapeutic programme too was scheduled by Rev Fr. Vincent De Paul Croos CMF which started with a warm-up and followed by a range of activities designed to get the staff giggling to their most

Followed by a pleasant lunch to staff, distribution of gifts and cash rewards to staff took place in recognition of their service to the organization.

Finally, with the access of powerpoint, the reminders on organizational rules and regulations were once again brought forward to staff by the Executive Director Rev Fr. Vincent De Paul Croos and the celebration for the day came to an end by 04.00 pm with the sweet memories which seem to be the timeless treasures of mind…