Srilankans with some other countries unite in January to celebrate Tamil Thai Pongal festival which is annually celebrated for various reasons. Thanking the Sun God and farmers’ gratitude towards the farm animals are to be the main reasons for the celebration.

Celebration of the Pongal day at VAROD was taken place on the 15th of January 2020 at its premises. The Executive Director Rev Fr. Vincent De Paul Croos CMF, Assistant Director and the Superior of VAROD, Rev Fr. S. Jeganathan CMF, volunteers, staff and the institutional beneficiaries participated in this Pongal event which was organised by the VAROD Life department. Pongal with plantains was served to all and the event came to an end by 11.45 pm with another page of memories.

Maattu Pongal also was celebrated the day after Thai Pongal. The cattles were bathed and decorated with flowers. Cows were decorated with turmeric and kumkum applied on their foreheads. Beneficiaries garlanded their cattles and fed them with pongal and fruit.

Finally, the event came to an end with a great care taken in serving pongal for the beneficiaries and others who took part in this occasion.