Thinking that Mobility is important for all who they are putting all their hope in it, VAROD continues providing assistive supports which are assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative for differently abled people . As an integrated part of VAROD, it forwarded its another step in supplying wheel chairs for beneficiaries through Community Based Rehabilitation programme, in order to support the beneficiaries to involve in their works independently without no one’s support.

VAROD in collaboration with Mr Pavishankar and Mr Krishnapalan, was able to support timely needed beneficiaries with 10 wheel chairs on the 17th of January 2020 at its premises at Pampaimadu-Vavuniya.

VAROD on behalf of the institution, extends its sincerest gratitude to  Mr Pavishankar and Mr Krishnapalan  families for their generous contribution to the differently abled persons through VAROD.