Nurturing Children’s Psychosocial Development in Northern Sri Lanka

Even though VAROD serves the differently abled persons and working for almost 11 years to empower, uplift and develop their lives, it too did not fail to consider the children from vulnerable and marginalized societies around Northern Sri Lanka, as VAROD, always believes that Childhood and adolescence are critical periods for the stages of psychosocial development. Accordingly, Clasika – the Psychosocial Programme, for the children of VAROD’s catch up classes around Mullaitivu District, was held on the 27th of February 2021, where the programme was mainly based on Management, to make children to be focused on listening, concentrating and thereby to act when making decisions. The Resources persons, Mr. Antony and Mr. Thirumaal presided the programme with various group tasks inclusively with exercises, where the evaluation of the programme too was apprehended. The feed backs from the children were mostly with tears.



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