The human resources of VAROD were assessed by the ZOA Refugee Care, Netherlands in order to support for their capacity building process. After analyzing, it came forward to support for the capacity enhancement of the personnel. The agreement was also signed between the Programme Manager of ZOA, Vavuniya and the Executive Director of VAROD on 01.03.2011. With this great support, VAROD is paying keen attention to upgrade the capacity of the staff to enhance their efficiency in the office.

Under this minor project the workshops on required topics to be arranged for the staff of VAROD in the year of 2011.

These are;
1. Finance, Human Resource and Administrative Procedures
2. Leadership Qualities in all level
3. Organizational Structure, Roles and Responsibilities
4. Project Life Cycle
5. IT Skills for all Administrative Staff
6. Subsequent Training for CBR Workers
7. Sample Project