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Srilankans with some other countries unite in January to celebrate Tamil Thai Pongal festival which is annually celebrated for various reasons. Thanking the Sun God

2019 was quite a turbulent year with challenges and surprises in spades. For some, it might have been a fruitful year while for others it

The VAROD Sea commenced on the 30th of August with the Kalai Izhakiya Completions in Kilinochchi. On September 14th and 15th 2019, the Kalai Malai,

VAROD gives its staff a chance each year to evaluate their workforce and an annual review process on shifting opinions through performance reviews based on

VAROD believes that remembering the persons with disables on this day would be an awareness towards enhancing their own capacities and supports them in setting

VAROD’s participation with its limited beneficiaries in celebrating the International Disabled day in collaboration with the Divisional Secretariat Vavuniya on the 3rd of December 2021,

Empowerment involves investing in people through health, education, livelihood and social protection. When people are empowered they are better prepared to take advantage of opportunities,

Even though VAROD serves the differently abled persons and working for almost 11 years to empower, uplift and develop their lives, it too did not

Assistive devices, which are adapted to assist differently abled persons, were provided on the 3rd of July 2020. 15 beneficiaries from Kannaatti, Ganesapuram, Suduventhapulavu, Sobala

A day long outing was an exposure trip for the psychosocial wellbeing of VAROD’s inmates. It was a short journey from Vavuniya to Mannar, where

140 beneficiaries’ families were dispersed with the relief packs containing dry provisions and groceries. This 4th phase of relief was distributed under 18 GS Divisions

As a step of awareness to COVID 19, VAROD with the collaborative support of Ministry of Health, an awareness programme was held. Exposing the banners

The world is currently under movement restrictions and suddenly informed lock downs due to COVID 19 which severely impact the lives of  over a quarter

Preschool is a great option for many families. Preschool advantages include a consistent structure and routine, and a focus on early education which can inspire a

Children from both Girls’ and Boys’ centers as well as VAROD’s beneficiaries from Vavuniya, were arranged to take part in Classika which was held on

Thinking that Mobility is important for all who they are putting all their hope in it, VAROD continues providing assistive supports which are assistive, adaptive,

On 2019.08.21, the CRC leaders from the Chettikulam DS of Vavuniya gathered at Chettikulam RC Church for the meeting. Vavuniya District CBR Coordinator along with

Four Persons with disability (PWDs) were helped by Tamil Families from Pforzheim, Germany for economic development. The event took place in “Claret Shiloam” Kilinochchi. the

On the 11th of August, 2019, Former Chief Minister and Supreme Court Judge C.V. Vigneswaran, along with his newly formed party members, visit the VAROD

Dr. Soosai, the well-wisher of VAROD, as well as the child neurologist from Norway had a clear interest in visiting the beneficiaries of VAROD and

The meeting by the VAROD NORA D members and the VAROD staff was held at “Claret Neithal”- Mullai Office, Mulliyavalai in Mullaittivu. From NORA D

VAROD commenced a platform for the CP children with their parents to come together once a month for the better rehabilitation of the children. The

One year planning of CBR was scheduled to the 27th of July 2019 at Naeithal VAROD office in Mullaiteevu. The CBR Coordinators from the Districts

Chess is an ancient game played around the world. Considering the chess day on the 20th July, VAROD had a chess training programme for starters

VAROD Holds CRC (Community Rehabilitation Committee) Conference for the Differently Abled People Groups in the District of Kilinochchi Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) represented their groups

VAROD Family regrets and mourns over the demise of one of the VAROD Center inmate. Miss. Shakthiyamma has been in our home since 2017. She

VAROD continues to provide life and livelihood support to differently-abled victims in Northern Province; Thanks for VAROD-CANADA Differently abled persons are those, who have impairments

Children with autism and cerebral palsy may play differently than other kids and may not want to play with others. Most of the affected children